Jekyll Camp

A barcamp style afternoon about Jekyll

Jekyll camp was an event that was held on 6 september 2013 in Ghent at the KaHo Sint Lieven campus.

It was a small barcamp style afternoon with about 18 attendees.

We had 6 talks:

Getting started with JekyllJohan Ronsse45”Beginner
Jekyll: a case studyJelle Desrasmaults10”Beginner/Intermediate
A Grunt/Jekyll workflowGregory van Looy15”Intermediate
Prose.ioPieter de Clerq5”Beginner/Intermediate
Javascript unit testingJochen Vandendriessche15”Intermediate
Porting Jekyll to JavascriptKristof van Landschoot30”Advanced

Getting started with Jekyll

Speaker: Johan Ronsse

Slides: Intro to Jekyll

Session contents:

Jekyll: a case study

Speaker: Jelle Desrasmaults

Case study on how a Jekyll site was built.

A Grunt/Jekyll workflow

Speaker: Gregory Van Looy

Slides: Some kind of workflow

The power of automating your workflow using Jekyll combined with grunt. Whether you’re a one man team or part of a large team, keep doing what you love to do instead of wasting time doing repetitive tasks.

Speaker: Pieter de Clerq

Pieter told us about, which you could use as a CMS solution for Jekyll based websites.

JS unit testing

Speaker: Jochen Vandenddriesche

Jochen talked about about how he handles Javascript unit testing.

Porting Jekyll to javascript

Speaker: Kristof van Landschoot

Why would you port Jekyll to javascript? The what and the how, plus a demo.


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